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Houston Law Firm, Lawyer

Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda Lawyer Services
Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda Lawyer Services
Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda Lawyer Services

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Located in Houston and serving all of Harris County and all of Texas

Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda Lawyers are here for you through all life events

We are pleased to offer a diverse group of specialists who practice in virtually all areas of law. No matter the severity or scale of your legal inquiry, Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda attorneys can fully support you throughout the entire process. Our commitment to protecting you and your loved one’s rights, assets, freedoms and entitlements goes far beyond the trial process. We support you with intelligent due diligence, and experienced advice throughout every unique transaction, claim, contract and case we represent.

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Areas of Practice

We are dedicated law practitioners who are passionate about serving our community and improving relations between individuals, businesses, government and various other third parties. Our talents are far reaching, and cover the following areas:

  • Civil litigation
  • Criminal law
  • Personal injury

Top Performance Trial Lawyers

Preparing for litigation is a lengthy process that can be frustrating when you don’t know what to expect or are not well-equipped for the proceedings. One unfavorable ruling can have a significant and potentially devastating effect on your goals, business plans, freedom and financial standings.

Our aggressive performance in the courtroom matches our commitment to due diligence, thorough case investigation and presentation. We are fearless in the face of our opponents, unafraid to go after the compensation and fair ruling you deserve. Our rate of success positions us among the top law partners in the state, and the depth of our experience gives us the unique background needed to provide strategy and guidance customized to your specific needs.

Negotiation and Expedited Dispute Resolution Expertise

Drawn-out negotiations or litigation involving contracts, disputes or any other area of the law become expensive and counterproductive to the business at hand very quickly. When your focus and resources shift to defending your interests and protecting your rights, a bad situation can turn to a worse one very quickly.

When your transaction requires the refined skills of an expert team of negotiation and dispute solution innovators, we are here to take the reigns and lead the way through bureaucratic red tape, complicated legislation and aggressive opposition. Our mission is to pave the way to your goals through sound logic and reliable legal advice. We focus on building long-lasting relationships that serve your changing legal needs, throughout your lifetime.

Our Commitment to You

Communication, planning and innovation gives us the unique ability to anticipate outcomes and opportunities for you. We present you with options that are viable under the law and provide valuable advice and litigation strategy that in unparalleled.

Making ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, gives us the opportunity to get to know your legal issues in depth. When you need trusted legal guidance from top lawyers don’t settle for anything less than the superior service we provide.

Call us today to inquire about our many services. We can help you determine which practice area of the law your circumstances fall under and connect you with expert advice and legal solutions right away.

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I been a loyal customer to Mr Jason Castañeda for more than 10 years I can say he’s a good lawyer. Teresa the lady in charge of the immigration cases is the best always in top of paperwork and deadlines she’s an asset to this office. Customer service is a 10 here!!! My review is based on my experience I’m really happy with my results and I would recommend Jason Castañeda to anyone on need of a lawyer

— Karla Sandoval

Mr. Castaneda has been handling several legal issues the past 2 years for me. He’s helped with a divorce case and now handling an immigration case for my husband. The past year I’ve been working with Teresa, Mr. Castaneda’s paralegal who is handling our case! During the pandemic and even now, I don’t have to worry about anything, because I know Teresa will go beyond and above to help me with all my questions and help keep me informed of the status. Thank you Teresa and Jason! I know I have nothing to worry about, because I know Teresa is on top of everything and make sure we are informed as we progress.

— Brandie Melling

Very friendly, everyone was so helpful to us.

— tracy medina-ruiz

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