Fast Legal Services for Houston

At Law Offices Of Jason Castaneda we provide quick access to legal services in Houston. We are a friendly and highly knowledgeable group of dedicated lawyers who specialize in many key areas of the law, in the United States and internationally. If you are an individual or business seeking affordable legal services but are unsure of which practice area your situation falls under, we can help.

Local Specialists in Criminal Law

When you need an expert in criminal law who is willing to fight for you and the protection of your best interests, do your research. Facing a felony or misdemeanor charge is usually inconvenient. At the very least, it is a stressful time that has the potential to put your reputation and livelihood at risk. Our criminal law counselors work with you to develop a strategic litigation plan, providing the defense you need to gain the best possible ruling.

Why Consult With an Environmental Lawyer?

Consulting an environmental lawyer contributes to long-term prosperity, and the thorough research and due diligence necessary to put together a comprehensive case. Our environmental lawyers represent you in civil actions, appeals, prosecutions, approvals and administrative orders.

Senior-Friendly Elder Law Guidance

Our patient, courteous staff empower seniors who are planning for current and future arrangements. We offer guidance and representation in the following areas, and more:

  1. Estate planning
  2. Guardianship
  3. Medicare/Medicaid
  4. Long-term care and disability planning
  5. Elder abuse
  6. Will preparation and amendments

Hire an Affordable Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

When you’ve been injured as a result of the actions of another person or party, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Lost wages, pain and suffering can add up quickly. Consult with us to determine your entitlements and prevent the potential loss of the compensation you deserve.

What Does a Legal Malpractice Attorney Do?

Becoming the victim of negligence, by the very people you trusted to help, can be scary, disappointing and incredibly frustrating. Our legal malpractice attorneys know what it’s like to be let down, and are not afraid to sue other legal professionals when we’re fighting for what is right for you. 

How an Intellectual Property Attorney Can Help

An intellectual property attorney protects your interests and entitlements via copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secret security. Our intellectual property attorneys navigate the often, “gray areas” of IP laws with due diligence, thorough research and superior case preparation.

What Is Legal Aid?

There are over 50 million Americans who qualify for legal aid. Are you one of them? Our licensed counsel will help you determine if you are eligible for legal aid and connect you with the resources you need to prepare and present your case.

Legal Representation Services

If you are facing criminal charges, the Sixth Amendment protects your constitutional right to legal representation. If you live in Houston and have a low income, you are eligible, by law, to fair representation during your trial. Our legal representation service covers many facets of the law. We make the criminal process less painful by filing documents on your behalf, researching similar cases, and presenting you with the best litigation strategy, based on the facts you have provided to us.

Don’t wait to access the qualified legal services you need right away. If you live in Houston or the surrounding area, call us to set up an appointment today.